Google GData是否有前途?

还记得上次我说过希望google出个标准之类的话吗(12)?现在google有动作了,出了个 Google Data API,其实简单来说就是个xml格式定义,基于Atom和Rss,其中的Queries、Updates和Authentication已经完全满足网络应用的异地查询、写入操作了。希望那个大一统的时代抓紧到来(注意:非指Google一统江湖,切莫看错),基于此,也许首先需要作的是一个基于整个互联网的passport,谁来推动呢?Google吗?反正不是MS!!!

The following table lists GData features and indicates whether they’re available in other related technologies. For more information about these features, see the Protocol document.

Feature GData Atom* RSS 2.0
Syndication Format Y Y Y
Queries Y N N
Updates Y Y N
Optimistic Concurrency Y N N
Authentication Y N N

* The "Atom" column refers to both the syndication format and the publication protocol.

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